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Need some inspiration and motivation? Happiness? Jean and/or Jenny will come to your location, to train your staff, leaving them with action items resulting from their  ah-ha moments. Full-day, half-day, even an hour. Specialized to your industry and your specific workplace.

Customer Service Academy

We offer them throughout the year on the beautiful California’s Central Coast, but we love to travel. These can be offered on-site to your staff or for a fundraiser for your community.

Topics Covered

Jean speaks on many different, and important topics. Browse Jean’s Motivational Keynote topics below.

Learning to Run Wild: Finding Happy

If we look at happiness as the precursor to success instead of the result, it will be so much easier to find! Don’t wait for happiness to happen to you – let’s discuss total wellness and how we can find our happy.

Topics include:
What is wellness, Creating your life goal, Choosing happiness, Attitude adjustment, Finding positivity, Gratitude, Practicing the art of appreciation, Cultivate empathy.

Coming Up for Air: Learning to Manage Stress and Lengthen Your Life!

Unfortunately, life deals us so many things we can’t control. But fortunately, we can control how we react. Learn how to not only manage your stress, but gain the tools that will help you stop the stress response before it happens!

Topics include:
what is stress, why you need to care, stress management techniques (music, quiet time, creativity, maintain a support system), stress hardy personality, locus of control, mindfulness

Stop Mourning Mondays: It’s All About Attitude

Monday – the day we dread the most, the one furthest from Friday, the one that takes our weekends away from us. But Monday is also our weekly opportunity for new beginnings and fresh perspectives! Let’s work on kicking negativity to the curb and getting the most out of our Mondays because let’s face it; they’ll always be there.

Topics include:
your attitude is your choice, tips to improve your attitude, mirror neurons, benefits, danger of gossip, change agents, fun and humor at work, questions to ask yourself

Changing How We Feel About Change: Managing Change

We often associate change with discomfort, but when change is so constantly happening all around us, it’s time to start embracing it! Understand your typical reactions to change and how to manage them in a better way.

Topics include:
change defined, resistance to change, types of work centered change, the change process, change options, reframe how you think about change, building resiliency to change and stress, characteristics of transitions

Nipping Conflict in the Bud: Dealing with Difficult People

How we handle conflict can make all the difference in our workplace. Learn how to understand people and the healthiest ways to respond to them, no matter the crisis.

Topics include:
why customers get mad, assertive expression techniques, trigger words or statements, nonverbal communication, blameless apology, reactive versus proactive

Assertive People Win: Becoming a More Powerful Communicator

Assertive people have the power to take charge of their lives and you should too! Learn the four styles of communication that will help you break free from your own, self-imposed limitations.

Topics include:
Four communication styles/ approaches to speaking, why bother? benefits, conditions we use to filter our assertive behavior, areas of difficulty, obstacles, techniques, non-verbal communication, intent versus impact, negotiation, assertiveness at work

I Didn’t Hear You! The Lost Art of Listening

Listening is one of the most valuable leadership skills, but also the least understood and often the least practiced! Let’s discuss what better listening skills can help you achieve and how to do it.

Topics include:
Becoming an active listener, gender and listening, types of listening, obstacles to listening, body language and listening, what stops people from listening, listening problems

Working with Diverse Teams: The Multigenerational Workplace

For the first time in history, six different generations are working and volunteering side by side, and each one couldn’t be more different! Let’s discuss generational differences and the benefits of educating your workplace for a more connected team.

Topics include:
overall trends, why you should care, generations defined, top differences and similarities, language, etiquette, dangers of making assumptions, building a bridge.

Healthy Helping: Revitalizing Your Passion (for volunteer BOD’s)

Topics include:
Why volunteer? Benefits, Being a good board member, When not to Volunteer, Rekindling your passion, Avoiding burnout


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