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Does your conference need a keynote speaker who will remind everyone that laughter is good, to enjoy every moment and focus on the positives?

Does your company need help dealing with stress and negative attitudes? So you can focus on what is important – and learn to love, rather than loathe, Mondays.

Jean has traveled extensively throughout the country offering keynotes, pre-conferences and breakout sessions to a wide variety of audiences.

Keynote Topics

Jean speaks on many different, and important topics. Browse Jean’s Motivational Keynote topics below.

Learning to Run Wild: Finding Happy

Do you know we can prime our brains to focus on positivity? That the outcome of each day often depends on the choices we make? We know happiness is an inside job – it is our decisions on how we live our life that determines our personal and professional success.

Changing attitudes, taking responsibility, and making authentic choices are not always easy. With an engaging mix of personal experiences, real life examples, and surprising facts, Jean shares her tips on becoming positive and shows us how to step up, run wild and live our precious lives to their fullest.

Coming Up for Air: Learning to Manage Stress and Lengthen Your Life!

It’s true: these days stress is blamed for everything from cancer to the common cold. But this modern villain has earned its reputation. And unless we learn to manage it, we’ll live our shortened lives with our fists and our teeth clenched. In this important address, Jean discusses the misleading myths of stress, and why you need to care.

Never presuming that what works for her will work for us, Steel spends the remainder of the time teasing out what WILL work for us. From music to mountain-climbing, hobbies to humor; from pets to pampering, from journaling to joining—the techniques are as many and as varied as we are!

Stop Mourning Mondays: It’s All About Attitude

Like it or not, most of us work in the accepted nine-to-five, Monday-to-Friday world. And since most of will spend a good deal more than the 40 hours each week that is expected of us, it would be a crime if we didn’t enjoy it. In this presentation, Jean Steel tells us where our attitudes come from, and how they affect our communication, morale, teamwork, and productivity. With the emphasis on taking responsibility and the power of choice (did you know that you can decide how to feel?), Steel shows us how to identify the stressors and limiting thoughts that hold us back, and to cultivate the powerful techniques that can bring about real change.

Got Morale?: Team-Building in the Workplace

One of the most common phrases on a typical resume is this one: “I work well independently or as part of a team.” Why? Because company leaders know that good teamwork builds loyalty, improves morale, gets the job done more quickly and efficiently, and increases profits. In this revealing program, Jean Steel helps us to understand why teams work well, as well as when and why they don’t. With a firm grasp on the goals and guidelines of teamwork, she introduces us to various styles of interaction, and then demonstrates lessons in diversity, acceptance, cooperation, and the folly of gossip during a series of games and activities.

One More Thing and I’ll Explode! ― Managing Change

Change is stressful, no question. But it is as unavoidable as death and taxes, so we might as well embrace it. In this refreshing workshop, participants are led through the common responses to change, what change can mean, and the various affects it can have in our homes, at work, and in our relationships. Jean Steel is well prepared for this topic, having led a life with more change in it than most. She asks us to take care of ourselves, to reframe our thinking, to make strong commitments, and to see the opportunities in all the changes of our lives. Find out how the one-minute vacation and the “tombstone technique” can, well, change the way you think about change.

Crossing The Generational Divide – Understanding the Generational Workplace

“There is nothing wrong with today’s teenagers that twenty years won’t cure.”

For the first time in history, four distinct generations are working and volunteering side by side. And according to one study, over 60% of workplaces are experiencing intergenerational conflict.

No longer simply disagreeing over music and fashion, today’s generation gap issues include language, work ethic, and attitude, just to name a few. But in any professional setting, employees and managers need to learn to communicate respectfully and effectively with each other, regardless of age, background or experience.

In this engaging and entertaining keynote presentation, Jean will present unique, practical ways to create an understanding of generational differences, and show you how to embrace those differences to build a happier, more productive working environment.

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