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Jean's Motivational Keynotes

Does your conference need a keynote speaker who will remind everyone that laughter is good, to enjoy every moment and focus on the positives?

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Who We Are

Happy People Win's Philosophy - Every person deserves to be HAPPY at home and work.

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Resilient People Thrive

Jean’s Resilient People Thrive program challenges you to forget what you’ve learned about “bouncing back” from hardship, and instead bounce forward.

Topics Included:

Change, mindfulness, gratitude, optimism, self-compassion, building grit, awe, finding gratitude in your challenges, the art of appreciation, vulnerability, empathy, distorted thinking patterns, purpose and passion, challenging assumptions, give back, work enmeshment, differentiation, post traumatic growth and compassion fatigue.



“Jean was our highest-rated speaker at the Municipal Management Association of Northern California conference as a result of her inspirational, creative and entertaining speech.”
— Ryan DeVore, PE, MBA, Director of Community Development at City of Sacramento



“Choosing the right motivational speaker is a little like choosing the right doctor. Jean was definitely the right person at the right time to address our sales organization. Her message was uplifting and self-affirming.”
— Steve Arnold, Director of Business Development, Herff Jones, Inc.



“Expect an Awe-Inspiring and Engaging experience with Jean Steel’s keynote address. LeadingAge Georgia/South Carolina members were spell bound by her energy which truly ignited the opening of our conference in 2015!”
— Jacque Thornton, Senior Vice President at LeadingAge Georgia / Georgia Institute on Aging



“Her style is fun, interactive and focused. Jean is personable and creates a non-threatening learning environment and in laymen’s terms “keeps it real” which is probably one reason we keep inviting her back for speaking opportunities.”
— Lulu Rosales, Director, Organizational Effectiveness, Huntington Hospital

Jean Steel Keynotes

Jean Steel is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker, whose universal appeal makes her message timely and timeless. She has a knack for providing information in a humorous and fun way. Her belief is that laughter and learning are not mutually exclusive. Her motivational talks and keynotes are in high demand.

Happy Employees Trainings

Happy Employees Win is designed to improve the working environment for both employees and employers. We focus on understanding the other person’s point of view and creating a strong sense of accountability in the workplace.



Host Jean at YOUR location. YOUR Date, YOUR Time, YOUR Topics! Sky’s the limit! (No nudity!)



Give your company the benefits of Jean’s trainings without the travel, expense and logistical issues of attending a live workshop.


Personalized Training Videos

Have us create a personalized video specifically for you – your business and your needs. Yours to own, available for you to show current and future employees.

Jean's Books

Why I am writing – 911 Resilience Skills for First Responders. (Coming Soon…)

I have been volunteering for a number of years speaking to the Emergency Medical Services Academy on the power and importance of resilience. A critical life skill for us all, especially for our first responders. I am now working on creating a semester class for the Fire, Police and EMS Academy’s on this very topic. Since I couldn‘t find the perfect book that fit for the class – I am writing my own. I will be covering all kinds of topics including gratitude, mindfulness, change, optimism, self-compassion and grit. Stay tuned.

I Like to Run Wild by Jean Steel Cover

Why I Wrote I’d Like to Run Wild

Years ago a Hospice nurse told me an amazing story. They had a client who was in her late 80s and had suffered a stroke that left her bedridden and unable to speak.

They communicated with her through written messages. Handing the woman a clipboard asking “How do you feel?” Some days she was too tired to write, other days a smile or a sad face. One day she took the pen and wrote and wrote. Her response? “I’d like to run wild.” Not I wish I could walk or talk, but “I’d like to run wild!” I cried, both for her and for us. Most of us have the capacity to run wild, but how many of us do it? Are we too mature, too sophisticated? Too busy? Too educated? What’s holding us back?

I knew this would be the title of my book and I knew I needed to sit down and write it. When I finished it, I ran wild.

I run wild every chance I get.

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Need Change by Jean Steel

Why I Wrote Need Change?

About a dozen years ago I got a call from a hospital rep interested in hiring me to do a customer service training. I told him thanks for thinking of me but customer service was one topic I didn’t cover. A month later I got the same request from the same guy… who got the same reply. Customer service? Nope, I don’t offer that.

He was persistent (a quality I like). “We think you do,” he said.

I thought about it. Every day I’m a customer somewhere, and I do notice how I’m treated. But being aware doesn’t make me qualified to teach it, does it? I teach communication. And attitude. And listening. And body language. And dealing with difficult people.

Wait, maybe I do teach customer service.

So I met with them and agreed to develop and teach their customer service program. I read lots of books, learned the principles, and infused my existing workshops with current customer service stats, fun facts, and scary/funny true stories. In the end, what I wanted to impart is the critical difference between good customer service and great customer service. If you love what you do, if you are positive, if you communicate well—that’s good. If you go above and beyond—a practice usually fueled by an excellent working environment and supportive management—that’s great.

So I have been teaching customer service sessions for years and decided, I have tons of free time, why not write a book? And I did.

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My sister Suzie is my artist for my books and presentations. On the side, when not working for me (unpaid) she is a critical care nurse, flying in a life-flight helicopter.

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